Our view on Integrated Supply Chain

It is our profound conviction, that ISC is the operational link between a company’s core business and the world outside.

The five cornerstones of ISC (see below) perform as a focused integrated network. They should meet customer’s expectations within the guidelines and strategies contracted.

In a smooth and coordinated way ISC is to take good care of customers, suppliers, transport and internal logistics,  optimizing service, quality and reducing cost  as their main objective. As a consequence we consider ISC as the beating heart of the Organization, directing blood and pulses to the muscles (production), brains (management and finance), legs (transport) and many other vital organs of the company, most of which tend to focus on Finance, R&D and Production whereas Supply Chain is regarded as a cost center.

It is our strong belief, that a fine-tuned ISC will make the difference in beating competition. ISC is the major customer of production and at the same time the agent of all external suppliers.

In view of all this we offer a wide range of custom-made solutions and services covering below stated different aspects of Supply Chain Management



We offer service in the form of :